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The Royal Family

His Majesty King Abdullah - http://www.kingabdullah.jo/
Her Majesty Queen Rania - http://www.queenrania.jo/
Late King Hussein Bin Talal - http://www.kinghussein.jo/
Her Majesty Queen Noor - http://www.noor.gov.jo/


Prime Ministry - http://www.pm.gov.jo/
Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities - http://www.mota.gov.jo/
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - http://www.mofa.gov.jo/
Ministry of Transport - http://www.mot.gov.jo/
Ministry of Interior - http://www.moi.gov.jo/
Ministry of Environment - www.moenv.gov.jo/
Ministry of Health - http://www.moh.gov.jo/
Ministry of Justice - http://www.moj.gov.jo/
Ministry of Agriculture - http://www.moa.gov.jo/
Ministry of Awgaf and Islamic Affairs and Holy Places - http://www.awqaf.gov.jo/
Ministry of Culture - http://www.culture.gov.jo/
Ministry of Education - http://www.moe.gov.jo/
Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources - http://www.memr.gov.jo/
Ministry of Finance - http://www.mof.gov.jo/
Ministry of Planning - http://www.mop.gov.jo/
Ministry of Industry and Trade - http://www.mit.gov.jo/
Ministry of Public Works and Housing - http://www.mpwh.gov.jo/
Ministry of Social Development - http://www.mosd.gov.jo/
Minstry of Water and Irrigation - http://www.mwi.gov.jo/
Ministry of Youth - http://www.youth.gov.jo/
Ministry of Communication and Information Technology – http://www.moict.gov.jo/
Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research - http://www.mohe.gov.jo/

Governmental Entities

Municipality of Greater Amman - http://www.ammancity.gov.jo/
Department of Statistics - http://www.dos.gov.jo/
Jordan Customs Department - http://www.customs.gov.jo/
Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority - http://www.aseza.jo/
Economic and Social Council - http://www.esc.jo/


Jordan Hotel Association - http://johotels.org/
Jordan Restaurant Association - http://www.jordanrestaurant.com/
Jordanian Tours Guides Association - http://www.tourguides.com.jo/
Jordan Inbound Tour Operators Association - http://www.jitoa.org/
Private Hospitals Association - http://www.phajordan.org/


Royal Jordanian - http://www.rj.com/
Jordan Civil Aviation Authority - http://www.jcaa.gov.jo/
Public Transport Regulatory Commission - http://www.ptrc.gov.jo/
Queen Alia International Airport - Visit their site
Royal Wings - http://www.royalwings.com.jo/
Arab Wings - http://www.arabwings.com.jo/
Jordan Aviation - http://www.jordanaviation.jo/
Raya Jet - http://www.rayajet.com/
Jordan Hejaz Railway - http://www.jhr.gov.jo/


Jordan Telecom - http://www.orange.jo/

Events & Festivals

The Roman Army and Chariot Experience - http://www.jerashchariots.com/
Dead Sea Ultra Marathon - http://www.deadseamarathon.com/
Amman International Marathon - http://www.amman-marathon.com/

Fine Arts

Jordan National Gallery of Fine Art - www.nationalgallery.org/Intro.html
Darat Al Founon - www.daratalfunun.org/main/index.html

Media and Information

National Information System - http://www.nic.gov.jo/
Jordan Times - http://www.jordantimes.com/
Petra News Agency - http://www.petra.gov.jo/
Jordan Media Center - www.jordan.jo
Al Ghad Newspaper - http://www.alghad.jo/
Al Rai Newspaper - http://www.alrai.com/
Al Dustour - www.addustour.com
Al Arab Al Yawm - http://www.alarabalyawm.net/


Tourist Police - http://www.tourist-police.psd.gov.jo/en/
Bethany - www.baptismsite.com
Wadi Rum - http://www.wadirum.jo/
Aqaba Tourism Website http://www.aqaba.jo/
Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature - http://www.rscn.org.jo/
Department of Antiquities - http://www.doa.jo/
Petra Archeological Park (PAP) - http://www.petrapark.com/
Jordan Applied University College (JAU) - www.jau.edu.jo
Petra Development and Tourism Region Authority - www.pdtra.gov.jo
Petra Ecosystem Network - www.petra-bia.com


Jordan Investment Board - http://www.jib.com.jo/


Royal Jordanian Geographic Center - http://www.rjgc.gov.jo/

Books and Guides

Petra Guide CD Interactive Tour to a World wonder - http://cgi.ebay.com/Petra-Guide-CD-Interactive-Tour-to-a-World-wonder_W0QQitemZ280223463791QQihZ018QQcategoryZ80323QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
Welcome to Jordan the heart of the Middle East - http://www.vital-edition.com/
Jane Taylor’s Books on Jordan - Jane Taylor
Field Guide to Jordan - www.fieldguidetojordan.com
Jordan ABC - Jordan ABC
Welcome to Jordan - Welcome to Jordan
Guide www.ijazza.net
The Rough Guide to Jordan - 3rd Edition (Rough Guide Travel Guides) by Matthew Teller
Jordan (Country Guide) by Bradley Mayhew
Jordan Travel Pack (Globetrotter Travel Packs) by Globetrotter
Live From Jordan: Letters Home From My Journey Through the Middle East by Benjamin Orbach
Jordan Handbook (Footprint - Travel Guides) by Ivan Mannheim
Jordan Country Map by Hema by HEMA Maps
Spectrum Guide to Jordan (Spectrum Guides) by Camerapix
Insight Guide Jordan (Insight Guides Jordan) by Michael Ellis
Lonely Planet Jordan by Anthony Ham and Paul Greenway
Blue Guide Jordan, Third Edition (Blue Guides) by Sue Rollin and Jane Streetly
Walking in Jordan: Walks, Treks, Caves, Climbs, Canyons by Di Taylor, Tony Howard, and H. M. Queen
Travellers Jordan (Travellers - Thomas Cook) by Thomas Cook Publishing
Petra by Rosalyn Maqsood and Ann Jousiffe
Jordan (Blue Guides) by Sue Rollin
This Way Jordan (This Way Guides) by Jack Altman
Jordan Travel and Tourism Guide
Jordan's Comprehenisive Mobile Guide - http://www.ijazza.net/
Meal Advisors Jordan - www.mealadvisors.com/jordan/amman

Health & Medical Care

National Health Network - http://www.e-health.gov.jo/
Private Hospitals Association - http://www.phajordan.org/